As part of our ongoing expansion of the Habba-Dasha-Doo brand, we now launch our dedicated online knitting and crochet yarn shopping experience. All at prices competitive with the big players. Often cheaper!

You can still get all your accessories and other haberdashery needs online at our original site -

If you want to add purchases from both sites together to reach the free postage threshold and/or make a combined payment please contact us. We can take payment over the phone or send you a PayPal invoice, and are very happy to arrange this.

Habba-Dasha-Doo Ltd is a company owned almost entirely by what the world might define as by disabled people, although we prefer to refer to it as minor impairment. Jane, our CEO, has always said. "Disability is in the eyes of the beholder!"


Somehow this has created a working environment that encourages  people with similar challenges in life to work for us, without this being a specific company ethos,